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IKK Group Executives

Sheikh Isam Kabbani
Sheikh Isam KabbaniIKK Group Honorary Chairman
Sheikh Hassan Kabbani
Sheikh Hassan KabbaniIKK Group Chairman

Our Valuable Team Members

Engr. Talal Dabbagh
Engr. Talal DabbaghAssistant to the IKK Group Chairman
Mr. Amr Al Kabbani
Mr. Amr Al KabbaniIKK Group CEO
Mr. Mamoun Isaili
Mr. Mamoun IsailiIKK Group Head of Internal Audit
Mr. Yasser Ali
Mr. Yasser Ali IKK Group Chief Financial Officer
Mr. RIAD Oubeid
Mr. RIAD OubeidIKK Group Support Functions General Manager
Mr. Zohdi Elsaadi
Mr. Zohdi ElsaadiIKK Group Chief Information Officer
Mr. Esam Bahnasi
Mr. Esam BahnasiIKK Group Legal Advisor

KCG Group Executives

Eng. Hatem Salah Eldeen
Eng. Hatem Salah EldeenKCG Chief Executive Officer
Eng. Abdul Kader Jalab
Eng. Abdul Kader JalabDeputy CEO
Mr. Yasser Dabbagh
Mr. Yasser DabbaghKCG CFO
Dr. Mounir Sinno
Dr. Mounir SinnoR&D General Manager
Mr. Muneer Zakout
Mr. Muneer ZakoutCorporate Financial Controller
Mr. Ahmad Al Makki
Mr. Ahmad Al MakkiHR Manager
Engr. Tarek Khalaf
Engr. Tarek KhalafCosma General Manager
Engr. Elie Nader
Engr. Elie NaderKabbani General Contracting Operations Manager
Engr. Omar Chahine
Engr. Omar ChahineSUW General Manager
Mr. Waleed Rajab
Mr. Waleed RajabSOGEC General Manager
Engr. Osama Youssef
Engr. Osama YoussefSPD General Manager
Engr. Mohammad Aglan
Engr. Mohammad AglanCRES General Manager
Mr. Talal Khatib
Mr. Talal KhatibBMC General Manager

KSA Western Region Executives

Engr. Mustafa Dani
Engr. Mustafa DaniInspectech - Division Manager
Engr. Ibrahim Sabbour
Engr. Ibrahim SabbourAirfield Construction Unit Manager
Engr. Tarek Taha
Engr. Tarek TahaSOGEC Deputy General Manager
Mr. Saad Assiri
Mr. Saad AssiriAdministration Manager

KSA Eastern Region Executives

Mr. Louay Badawi
Mr. Louay BadawiFinancial Controller
Mr. Tareq Atarfi
Mr. Tareq AtarfiAdministration Manager
Mr. Ayman Alqaws
Mr. Ayman AlqawsISD Manager

KSA Central Region Executives

Engr. Sherif Allam
Engr. Sherif AllamStructural Deputy General Manager
Dr. Wael Akl
Dr. Wael AklRegional Manager- Northern Region


Mr. Ashraf Maurice
Mr. Ashraf MauriceA-Build Egypt, General Manager


Mr. Roger Nehmeh
Mr. Roger NehmehBMC Qatar, General Manager


Engr. Bilal Yamak
Engr. Bilal YamakQCTC, General Manager


Engr. Moataz Rabie
Engr. Moataz RabieKCG UAE, General Manager


Engr. Kamal Saab
Engr. Kamal SaabA-Build Lebanon-General Manager

KCG Oman

Mr. Hani Alassal
Mr. Hani AlassalKCG Oman, Deputy General Manager