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KCG has decided to expand its activities in the region in the concrete repair services, structural rehabilitation, inspection, fireproofing and maintenance by acquiring a new company in Qatar – Qatar Construction Technique Co. WLL (QCTC).

The company offers comprehensive engineering solutions, technical assistance and quality applications for concrete repair, industrial flooring, structural rehabilitation, fireproofing and fire stopping applications in addition to design and implementation of structural strengthening systems using Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP), High Performance Protective Coatings and Structural Strengthening Solutions.

QCTC, providing comprehensive engineering and technical services starting from the project design stage up to quality construction using state of the art up-to-date technologies, specializes in the concrete repair of bridges, buildings, reservoirs, and water tanks.

QCTC, having a growing reputation as a high quality sub-contractor, has highly experienced personnel from concrete repair operatives to technical support, site management, site surveyors, and health and safety management as well as recognized documented quality procedures.

QCTC focuses on infrastructures inspection, monitoring, testing, structural appraisal, and management that provide contractors and consultants with an accurate and meaningful assessment.

QCTC will work closely with the projects’ owners to organize the inspection, maintenance and repair activities within allowed budgets. For this purpose the Company will use sophisticated software solutions, testing and inspection, maintenance and monitoring systems to enhance the durability and service ability at lower cost.