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Inspectech has combined structural inspection and state-of-art technology to become the Middle East’s first engineering expert in inspection, testing, monitoring, appraisal, and management of civil infrastructures. This dynamic division of KCG has dedicated all its intellectual and technological resources to understand infrastructures’ current conditions. Likewise, it has worked closely with international leading firms to provide feasible engineering solutions which maintain and prolong the lifecycle of structures at lowest cost possible.

From the one hand, Inspectech is able to quantify a structure’s condition, evaluate the risks of deterioration, and study its prediction models. On the other, Inspectech offers advanced solutions to its clients through providing maintenance/repair recommendations, monitoring systems, and/or management solutions. Inspectech takes a closer look and sheds light on the dark matters in order to enhance the structure’s durability and serviceability.

Inspectech is constantly trying to top the market by investing on its employees and external applicants with trainings that improve their technical skills and enrich their knowledge. In collaboration with Michael Baker under the certification of NHI, Inspectech is providing the essential trainings related to the structural assessment of bridges and underpasses.

Services & Solutions Condition Assessment

  • Systematic Forensic Engineering Approach
  • Inspection & Assessment of various types of structures
  • Repair & Strengthening Solutions/Techniques
  • Preparation of Tender Document (BOQ, Specifications, Dwgs, et c.) Asset Management Heavy Lifting Load Testing

Non Destructive Testing (NDT)

  • Ultrasonic Testing (Impact Echo
  • Impulse Response – Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity)
  • Corrosion Mapping
  • Rebound Hammer
  • Structure Scan

Leak Detection

Pipeline Inspection

Geophysical Survey

Structural Health Monitoring

Utility Mapping