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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our FAQ section has the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our company and our website. If you can’t find what you’re looking for or if you’d like to send us your comments, please consult our Contact us page.

Q. Who is IKK?
A. Isam Kairy Kabbani, The Chairman of IKK group of companies, was born in Mecca in 1934. His elementary education was in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Syria. His high school and part of college was in Lebanon.

His higher education was in the USA where he got a BA and MA in Economics and International Relations. After graduation, he served for a brief period at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, then, the Ministry of Petroleum and OPEC where he served as Chief Economist.

He ended his career with the Government as Governor of Saudi Arabia to OPEC and AOPEC and Director of the Economist Department at the Ministry of Petroleum. In 1970, he resigned from the Government to start his private business.

Q. How large is IKK group?
A. The IKK Group is solid and quite diversified both in terms of products, services and geography. The Group is composed of 60 companies with 200 branches spread over nine countries employing over 12,000 employees.

Q. When was KCG established?

A. Present in the market since 1980, the year it opened its main branch in Jeddah, the company has gone through a steady expansion since, and had evolved from a roofing subcontractor to a Leading Specialized Engineering Company.

Q. Where is KCG Headquarter?
A. King Khaled Road, Mina Area, Beside Ministry of Hajj- Jeddah-Saudi Arabia

Q. Where does KCG operate outside KSA?
Kabbani Construction Group has regional presence in the following countries:

United Arab Emirates : KCG Emirates

Qatar : BMC Qatar

Oman: KCG Oman

Bahrain: KCG Bahrain

Egypt: A-Build

Lebanon : A-Build
Q. How many People does KCG employ?
A. KCG’s current working manpower exceeds 7000 employees

Q. How can I share an idea with KCG?
A. KCG likes to hear from its customers and suppliers about what they think about its services and products. If you choose to forward or transmit to KCG’ website by electronic mail any suggestion, including any personal data, questions or answers, comments, or the like, such material will be treated as non-confidential.

Q. How do I apply for a job at KCG?
A. Visit employment page to access information on career opportunities.

Q. What is KCG Business Philosophy?
A. As a business, KCG is committed to meeting its fundamental obligations to shareholders, employees, customers and suppliers. This commitment is based on four, fundamental precepts stating that the company will:

I. Maintain and enforce high standards of ethical conduct

  • Relationships will be based on honesty, trust, fairness and respect
  • Operations will be conducted in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements and in an environmentally responsible manner
  • Community needs will be met proactively and responsibly

II. Maintain a strong “quality work environment” and demonstrate care for every employee

  • Employees will be treated fairly and with respect
  • Employees will be offered competitive wages and benefits, good working conditions and rewards for success
  • Workplace diversity will be supported as a corporate priority
  • Communications with employees will be clear, direct and timely
  • Teamwork and collaboration, learning and personal growth will be encouraged
  • Promotion from within will be practiced whenever possible

III. Attract and retain consumers and customers with products and services of consistently superior quality and value

  • Customer needs will drive our efforts to win in the marketplace with superior services and a competitively-advantaged technical solutions

IV. Maintain a prudent, results-oriented approach to business that builds superior shareholder value over the long-term

  • Discipline, focus, personal accountability and a passion for winning will be encouraged and rewarded
  • Challenging business objectives will be set to ensure a steady rate of real growth, while maintaining the financial strength of the company
  • Profitable growth will be pursued while maintaining excellence in our existing business
  • Growth opportunities will be sought actively within and outside the company in areas which capitalize on KCG’s immense strengths
  • Positions of market leadership will be pursued

We shall continue to create a climate throughout the company which causes this philosophy to become a way of life.

Q. Does KCG have code of conduct?

A. Yes our Code of Ethical Business Conduct sets forth our standards for corporate and manager, officer and employee behavior. It covers a range of subjects, from the use of corporate funds, to conflict of interest and protection of company information. It applies to all managers, officers and employees both in the KSA and abroad, setting a clear expectation that the guidelines be followed in all job-related activities, regardless of business pressures. Managers have an added responsibility to lead by example and ensure that the Code is followed in areas under their supervision. Regardless of the position in the company, violations of the Code will not be tolerated.

Q. Where can I find information about KCG code of conduct?
A. Code of Professional Ethics is applicable to all employees of IKK group, including management level, administration officials, technicians and employees. Since KCG is a member of IKK group the code of ethics also apply to all KCG managers and employees. For more information about IKK code of ethics visit “Code of Ethics” to access information on KCG code of conduct.

Q. What is it like to work at KCG?

A. KCG’s management structure is not excessively hierarchical. Teamwork and respect for the individual are valued highly, as are speed and flexibility in decision making.

Q. Which accounting standard does KCG use for its annual financial statements?
A. The accounts have been prepared with full disclosure in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

Q. In what currency are KCG’s results reported?

A. KCG is a Saudi company, so our results are reported in Saudi Riyals.

Q. Where can I order KCG’s latest annual report?

A. You can order annual reports by sending a request to CONTACT US

Q. How do I reach you to submit a suggestion, report a problem or receive further help?

A. We value your opinion and welcome your feedback.