Social Responsibility 2017-10-10T09:39:30+00:00
At KCG we are committed to balancing responsibilities to our customers, employees, owners and the
communities in which we operate.

Developed in line with the IKK Group’s aims for sustainable development, our aim is to:

  • Support and develop education initiatives in local areas
  • Promote social inclusion
  • Develop a partnership approach with local communities
  • Develop and support the industry
  • Our objective is to align our community support initiatives to our business activities, and to incorporate the resulting benefits and value to the products and services we offer.

Stewardship of the earth is the responsibility of all businesses, just as it is of all nations and peoples. KCG fully embraces that responsibility. We are dedicated to making and delivering our products in a way that is both environmentally sustainable and socially responsible. We believe that it is our duty to take an active role in building a better world, and that it’s good business as well.

Our commitment to environmental stewardship is both global and local, and applies across our business. We work to protect the environment and conserve resources across our supply chain. KCG has strong relationships with environmental organisations in our communities.

We support several foundations and associations. We are dedicated to continuous improvement ongoing learning, process review and innovative thinking that foster new initiatives and better practices.

Our environmental programs evolve to meet today’s changing needs while protecting resources for future generations.