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Spotlight on the Work Environment

Health and Safety

Health and Safety remains a priority issue for KCG. The Group’s work environment policy was revised in 2013. The company’s work environment network is intensely active and extra resources have been allocated to introduce benchmarking across KCG focused on internal learning, greater collaboration and transparency. A key focus of activities in recent years has been on improving the safety culture by changing behaviors at work. The improvement in reporting accidents, incidents and risk observations has led to a rise in the number of incidents and risk observations. This forms an important part of the company’s preventive health and safety work. In recent years the company has seen a positive trend concerning the number of accidents. Work is now moving forward to achieve KCG vision of being a zeroaccident company.

Equality and Diversity

The Group’s belief in the equal value of all people runs through every part of its business. KCG aims to be a company where everyone is treated with respect and never harassed or demeaned – no form of discrimination is accepted.

Tools for HR Work

HR work is governed by laws, contracts and polices, and forms a natural part of the Group business plans. THE PERSONNEL POLICY Reflects the Group’s stance on what constitutes sound human resources policy. It highlights the joint responsibility of management and staff for maintaining a good work and development climate. THE WORK ENVIRONMENT POLICY This policy which was revised in 2013 contains the principles for how work environment activities are to be run in KCG Group.

KCG’S Employees Attracting, developing and retaining employees who are courageous, committed and responsible lays the foundation for KCG continued success. The combined skills and abilities of the employees are an engine of profitable growth, underpinned by KCG core values.

Work on Values

The drive to create a stronger KCG requires something that unites the company and its employees, that fire everyone with enthusiasm, and that promotes the creation of shared objectives that everyone can understand and work towards. At the end of 2013, Group management initiated comprehensive work on values. Following an initial process involving all parts of KCG core values were born: Courage, Commitment and Responsibility. There are numerous benefits to having clear values. They strengthen ties across business area and national boundaries, as well as boosting collaboration within and between Divisions and teams. They facilitate easier decision-making and provide support during process of change. They convey what KCG stands for and thus contribute to long-term business relations and successful recruitment. And last but not least, the core values are a guide and benchmark in an industry that is undergoing revolutionary change and major restructuring around the globe. Ultimately, the core values are there to help improve competitiveness, which is supported by value-based leadership.

Future Career Potential

Within KCG, skills development is taken for granted as part of the job. This may be organized in several ways, for example through training courses or changes in duties, new roles or participation in projects. Internal mobility is encouraged and many employees have a number of different positions at KCG under their belt. A regular in-house mentoring program is popular with employees, as it contributes to professional and personal development.

Value-based Leadership

KCG works actively to promote value-based leadership, where managers motivate their employees by showing courage creating commitment and delegating responsibility. Such an approach leads to greater participation and dynamism, resulting in a more changeoriented organization.

Leader Training

The Group’s managers receive continuous training. New managers undergo leadership training. KCG has many strong leaders, and the company works continuously to identify managers who can take on more responsibility and challenges and to highlight internal career paths for such people.

Talent Review

Each year managers, key personnel and employees with high potential are identified and comprehensive successor planning is carried out as part of a systematic process. KCG strives to fill a large proportion of all managerial vacancies through internal recruitment, in order to provide employees with clear career paths and opportunities to grow within the internal organization.

KCG’s strategic direction

Kabbani Construction Group (KCG) believes in the capacities and competitiveness of local labor force. And consistent with the goal of achieving an excellent level, and continually fulfill the Ministry of Labor’s Nationalization Program, local hiring has been intensified as evidenced by the significant growth in hiring of Saudi Nationals. The National Human Resources has systematized the control and coordination of visa utilization by establishing a steady system flow through proper channels. Attracted and retained recruits that provide services with superior quality and value to the company. Minimized staff turnover by maintaining a harmonious work environment and demonstrating care for every employee through open communication and periodic counseling, while maintaining and enforcing high standards of ethical conduct. Fully supported the integration of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) that streamlined HR workflow, payroll system, communication and accessibility to non-centralized workforce.