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EMCC Known as the leading specialized contractor in the MENA region today, Kabbani Construction Group (KCG) has cemented its name in the Engineering, Procurement & Construction sector (EPC) to become a pioneering force within one of the Kingdom’s leading commercial entities, The Isam Khairy Kabbani Group of Companies (IKK). EMCC takes pride in its wide spectrum of Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing activities (MEP) for medium and large facilities such as residential, commercial, industrial, medical and governmental facilities. EMCC shall sustain a respectable contributions to the MEP sector through dedicated commitment to its clients and a variety of key services delivered without compromise by hundreds of skilled technicians while managed and monitored by a synergetic team of highly experienced managers.

EMCC’s unique approach for design evaluation and value engineering guarantees premium quality for all its projects within minimal time. Amidst this fast paced market and society’s continuously evolving perception of necessities and luxuries, EMCC’s business developers find it within their priorities to adapt to these changes so as to acquire the necessary knowledge due to the resultant technical implications. Having set the long term objective of becoming the region’s reference in the field, EMCC continuously seeks multinational alliances with leading manufacturers and specialists.

EMCC shall carry primal guidelines known to be effective in strengthening business relationships with the esteemed clients both on the short and long terms; those key values shall become a major force behind EMCC’s success:

– Close communication with the clientele allows EMCC to better understand the requirements so as to deliver with utmost satisfaction. Expertise and efficiency in management allowing for constant staff evaluation and proper planning and schedule execution.

– Detailed estimation and cost analysis for maximal results within shortest time and lowest cost.

– Thorough research and in-depth study of all projects are led by specialized engineers who have dealt with all types of tender documents, drawings and technical sheets among others.