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Developing a proper repair strategy to address concrete problems requires an understanding of the cause of the problem. This understanding allows the solution to address both the cause and the effect. Keeping in mind that repair systems are not easily classified into a cookbook type code with enlisted design procedures. In fact the quality of a structure, sense of integrity and potential durability is almost totally dependent on the quality of the construction, it could be therefore argued that condition assessment should be done at the earliest stage possible, preferably immediately following the problem occurrence for better understanding and evaluating the extent. This cause/effect intimate relationship was the major driver behind our new development within KCG and the establishment of ”Inspectech” as the first company providing infrastructure management solutions to this region.

As a result and after encountering a remarkable success and growth in our Concrete repair, structural strengthening and condition assessment business, “Structural Systems” as a new brand within KCG family has been found to cater for this development and provide enough expansion room for all our specialized activities:

  • Concrete repair
  • Structural strengthening
  • Cathodic protection
  • Blast resistance
  • Condition assessment
  • Soil improvement and stabilization
  • Concrete cutting and drilling

To better serve our clients and complete our range of “concrete” related services, Post-tensioning works of concrete members cannot be disregarded. A Joint venture took place in 2013 with OVM, a specialized Post Tensioning (PT) company based in CHINA. With a production & testing facility residing on over 200,000 square meters, OVM is a leader in manufacturing PT accessories & equipment, suspension & stay cable systems, bridge bearings & expansion joints, ground anchors and seismic dampers. OVM posseses 60 years of experience in delivering quality products to the international market and currently enjoys worldwide prominence in its specialization.

“Structural Systems “Today is a group of three main companies:

  • Structural

  • Inspectech

  • KPT

Each division combines high technology products with high engineering expertise to better serve our clients in the Saudi Market and the other GCC countries.