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CRES is an Industrial Services specialised Company. CRES is one of the most preferred subcontractor for both Multinational & Regional EPC and General Contractors specially in Oil & Gas, and Infrastructure Sector.

CRES Services

Insulation & Cladding

CRES Insulation division is a full service mechanical system insulation contractor specialized in industrial projects, No matter how large or complex the project is, CRES has skilled technicians to complete the job safely on time within budget.

Insulation Services cover:

1- Heat Insulation

2- Cold Insulation

3- Acoustic Insulation


CRES Applying fireproofing for different range of products such as cementitous, Intumescent

paint, etc.. On steel structural and equipment’s for industrial and commercial projects, CRES approved applicator for most of fireproofing material suppliers.

Industrial Flooring

CRES has applied millions of square meters of all industrial flooring such as self-leveling, screeds and terrazzo, we apply Epoxy, Polyurethane and cementations systems.


CRES scaffolding services offers full access solutions with a great team of certified manpower creating its own identity and standing within the aggressive access scaffolding.

Scaffolding services covers :

1- Design.

2- supply and erection All types of aggressive access Scaffolding including independent, Supported, birdcage, under hung, cantilever, sheds, hanging,lifting frames, staircases, elevator shafts, walkways with high quality and safety as per ARAMCO safety standards specs

3- Form work scaffolding

4- Mobile towers.

Corrosion Protection

Our experience includes oil and gas refineries, LNG plants and fabrication plants. We have the knowledge, experts and highly trained workforce to provide long lasting, safest and cost effective solutions to surface preparation and coating projects.

Corrosion Protection service cover:

1- Surface preparation

2- Process and storages equipment

3- Piping and steel structures

4- Rubber lining