As part of its breeding program, KCG has recruited fresh engineering graduates who have demonstrated impressive academic ability but who have little or no experience in our field. The breeding program is a way of bridging the gap. The program intends to give them the necessary skills to become part of our team. The R & D department is implementing this program kingdom wide. The duration of the program is for 3 months.

During this period we will offer the new engineers the opportunity to experience several different areas of business before choosing a final career path within the company. They will rotate through different departments and gain experience of different functions. This will create a pool of readily available and adequate replacements for personnel who may leave or move up in the company, build a more efficient, effective and highly motivated team which enhances the company’s competitive position, improve employee morale, and ensure adequate human resources for expansion into new business.

The  is a way to develop our workforce of home grown talent that is fully able to understand the core values of our company, its aims and objectives. By rapidly emerging fresh graduates in our company’s culture, and teaching them the skills to not only fit in but become more productive more quickly, the company and the employees will benefit in the same way. Another advantage of the breeding program is the fresh approach and vigor the fresh engineers bring, often injecting new life into the workplace with their energy and enthusiasm for their first work environment.

This year we have recruited engineers from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and India.